Protecting Yourself and Your Assets
                         Protecting Yourself and Your Assets

Why Choose Robert E Jahn, LLC for your QuickBooks  Consulting/Accounting and Income Tax Preparation Services?   

Details of Tax Preparation Services for 2016 Taxes

I offer experienced and cost effective consulting to our clients.  Want to automate, create a new accounting system or just convert or update your accounting systems, I have the expertise, certifications and hands experience to help!  I am also an expert in federal tax preparation and in state returns for AZ & MN !


Certified QuickBooks Consultants - Experienced Accountant with current Quickbooks Certifications

Expert in Intuit Desktop, Tax and Online products

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I am an experienced professional consultants and accountant certified as a professional advisors by QuickBooks. I am currently certified in QuickBooks Online and in Quickbooks 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017 desktop versions. I started this business after over 40 years of work, mainly as senior management in bank auditing and information technology.  My bachelor's degree is in Accounting and Systems and I also earned a Big Ten MBA in Finance. During my full time work career, I also numerous taught professionals formal classes and ran 3 small businesses.  

Bottom line, I am a retired financial and IT management professional.  I found I missed being involved in accounting and information systems.  That's why I am anxious to meet with you and discuss the accounting, tax and bookkeeping your small business needs and Intuit can provide.  

The initial one hour consultation for accounting srvices or the 15 minute tax consult is at no charge to you.  After that, you decide what you want, full service consulting, just bookkeeping and monthly reports, maybe just problem resolution, or periodic review and reporting on data you provide. Perhaps you just want assistance filing your taxes.  We can meet in person, you can fax or mail or we just do most everything over the phone or email. 

YOU are in charge and in control with Robert E Jahn LLC (REJ LLC).  NO contracts, no commitments!  Our fees are simple, onsite service at a location you select is $100 an hour.  Most work is done offsite and that is just $50 per hour.  That's right, just $50 an hour for an multi certified MBA with over 40 years of experience. Yes, we can provide or assist you with payroll and provide high quality reports on sales tax, federal and state taxes.  

Please note that REJ LLC's consulting is limited to helping you select, install set up, operate and maintain the right version of QuickBooks.  After that, we provide the level of ongoing monthly reports and services and support YOU want for your business. 

REJ LLC is a full service business tax advisor.  I also file individual tax returns  and prepare small business tax returns for AZ and MN residents. QuickBooks users get great information about filing the various state and federal taxes for you, and our professional tax software fully integrates with QuickBooks and/or Quicken. We can of course prepare returns based on many other systems or manual records.  

However, you are still solely responsible for the timely filing and accuracy of these returns. I  partner with you and have the same professional software used by over 10,000 major accounting firms.  I take extensive yearly update training on the software, tax laws, ethics, etc and am annually certified by the IRS as having completed their Annual Preparer's Filing Season program.  


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 REJ Firearms Training and Robert E Jahn, LLC

We are pleased to be celbrating our second year of serving the Tucson area.  We brought decades of experience with accounting, tax filing and REJ Firearms Training expertise when we moved here from MN in 2016.