Robert E Jahn, LLC Protecting Yourself and Your Assets
                         Robert E Jahn, LLC                   Protecting Yourself and Your Assets

      Why Choose Robert E Jahn ?   

When you hire Robert E Jahn, I directly provide the accounting, bookkeeping, training and/or tax services that you need. I have no business partners or employees. That's different from big firms where the business owner initially meets with you, but most of the actual work is performed by someone else.


Sometimes outsourcing doesn’t negatively affect the quality the services provided, but it is always important to me to be personally involved. Yes, I will sometimes use an clerical assistant to help with routine matters, but I personally oversee all important aspects of your accounting, training and tax work..


I am semi-retired and do this because I want to, not because I have to work. I always strive to bring the right tools and do the quality job that you expect from a certified professional. While I strive to be comprehensive, I am also cost effective. People often tell me that they used to pay twice as much for half the service.  Contact me to decide for yourself if my high-quality accounting and training services fit your needs.



PROTECTING YOUR ASSETS: QuickBooks & Reporting 


My entire career has been about protecting people and assuring that they understand the rules and proper procedures. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Accounting and System at Point Park University. I went from Staff Auditor at Pittsburgh National all the way to Senior Vice President of Internal Audit at First of America. My focus was always on working with trained and certified professionals to provide reliable service. My goal was and is simple, to protect assets and people by having solid procedures and controls in place.


I bring this same mindset to my accounting and consulting work with you, ensuring you have reasonable procedures and controls in place to safeguard assets and protect your finances. I also assure that you have timely, relevant, and accurate financial information. It's the key to managing your business and the best way to assure your accounting, tax and regulatory compliance. I know what happens when things go wrong, and I know how to prevent and detect issues before they become a crisis.


As someone who is semi-retired, I can offer you decades of experience and impressive credentials. My career began with a BS in Accounting and Systems from Point Park University. I worked my way up the corporate ladder at Pittsburgh National, Dominion Bankshares, Midwest Financial Group, and First of America Corporation.


Along the way, I earned my MBA in Finance from the University of Illinois. I also earned a number of other professional designations over the years, which are in retired status. I was a Certified Internal Auditor, Bank Auditor, Financial Service Auditor and a Fraud Examiner and Investigator and passed the CISA examination in IT audit. Finally, I was a Project Management Professional who has 10 years of experience and a Master's Certificate from George Washington University in Project Management.



PROTECTING YOURSELF: File Taxes Timely & Correctly


There is an old adage about no one can make you do anything, but they can make you wish that you had.  This is absolutely true, filing timely accurate tax reports, whether they are local, state or federal is a key requirement for keeping the tax man happy and not auditing you.  We all want to pay as little as legally allowed, and I'll work with you on that goal.  However, I have too much experience watching people who failed to file, filed late, omitted income, and/or took improper deductions pay penalties and interest.


That does not include all the time, money and effort that goes into correcting these mistakes and resolving issues.   Add in the worry and the fees for filing corrected or amended returns and it can rapidly become quite expensive.  Much better to pay a little more upfront and get the return calculated correctly and submitted in a timely manner.


We spend days training and reviewing law and filing changes to assure you pay the legal minimum in taxes on time every year.  Work with us to minimize year-end surprises and  avoid writing those big checks to cover these surprises

News & Events

Robert E Jahn, LLC

We are pleased to be celebrating our second year of serving the Tucson area.  We brought decades of experience and expertise in accounting, bookkeeping and tax filing when we moved here from MN in 2016. 

We have just completed the 18 hr long IRS approved Annual Filing Season Program. This means we took training and were tested on 10 hrs of Federal Tax Law, 6 hrs of Federal Law updates and 2 hours of Ethics.


We are again well trained and ready to assist you in filing to assure you pay the minimum legal federal and state taxes. 


We use Intuit's Pro Conect Tax state of the art tax program.  It's  in use by over 15,000 preparers nationwide. 

Robert <Bob> E Jahn is our Sole Owner and Chief Accountant

How Will My 2018 Taxes Change? See the link to Maxim Lott's validated final Tax Plan Calculator below:


Final Tax Plan Calculator






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