Protecting Yourself and Your Assets
                         Protecting Yourself and Your Assets

      Why Choose Robert E Jahn ?   

When you hire Robert E Jahn, I directly provide the accounting or training services that you need. I have no business partners or employees. That's different from big firms where the business owner initially meets with you, but most of the actual work is performed by someone else.


Sometimes outsourcing doesn’t negatively affect the quality the services provided, but it is always important to me to be personally involved. Yes, I sometimes use an assistant to help with clerical matters, but I personally oversee all important aspects of your accounting and training.


I am semi-retired and do this because I want to, not because I have to work. I always strive to bring the right tools and do the quality job that you expect from a certified professional. While I strive to be comprehensive, I am also cost effective. People often tell me that they used to pay twice as much for half the service.  Contact me to decide  for yourself if my high quality accounting and training services fit your needs.





My entire career has been about protecting people and assuring that they understand the rules and proper procedures. I went from Staff Auditor at Pittsburgh National all the way to Senior Vice President of Internal Audit at First of America. My focus was always on working with certified professionals providing high quality service. My goal was and is simple, to protect assets and people by having solid procedures and controls in place.


I bring this same mindset to my accounting and consulting work with you, ensuring you have reasonable procedures and controls in place to safeguard assets and protect your finances. I also assure that you have timely, relevant, and accurate financial information. It's the key to managing your business and the best way to assure your tax and regulatory compliance. I know what happens when things go wrong, and I know how to prevent and detect issues before they become a crisis.


As someone who is semi-retired, I can offer you decades of experience and impressive credentials. My career began with a BS in Accounting and Systems from Point Park University. I worked my way up the corporate ladder at Pittsburgh National, Dominion Bankshares, Midwest Financial Group, and First of America Corporation.


Along the way, I earned my MBA in Finance from the University of Illinois. I also earned a number of other professional designations over the years, which are in retired status. I was a Certified Fraud Examiner and Investigator and passed the CISA examination in IT audit. Finally, I was a Project Management Professional who has 10 years of experience and a Master's Certificate from George Washington University in Project Management.





The same goal of protecting people guides all of the firearms training that I provide. Do people understand the safety and legal rules regarding the use of firearms? Sorry, but firearms are dangerous, and they should only be used by people who understand and respect their power. Do you truly understand what is involved in defending yourself, the skills and the mindset needed? Then there are the complex laws governing any use of force to defend yourself or your property.  I can show you how to apply these rules that I learned directly from attorneys and /or nationally recognized and highly skilled trainers.


I have over 11 years of experience as a firearms instructor, and I am certified by the NRA and the USCCA. What is more, the USCCA has certified me as both an Instructor and a Training Counselor. This means that I can and do certify others to instruct. I also have considerable experience as an NRA instructor. Many NRA instructors take a class or two and start teaching. They have 16 to 25 hours of training, while I have over 100 hours of NRA classroom and range training. I am a Chief Range Safety Officer with them (I train Range Safety Officers), and I am one of the 0.5% of their Pistol Instructors to earn the Advanced Pistol Instructor Designation. In total, I trained over 1,700 students, with more than 100 trained as instructors or Range Safety Officers. I have also spent literally hundreds of hours training with Massad Ayoob and John Farnam, living legends in the firearms world. I am certified by both as a Staff Instructor, and I am pleased to call them my mentors and my friends.


Lastly, I have been very active in the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) and other shooting organizations. I have shot in well over a 200 organized shooting events, conducted by a variety of organizations.  I shoot thousands of rounds per year, mainly pistol and shotgun.  I am an IDPA Certified Safety Officer and hold Master Instructor certification in Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun from the highly regarded International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI).


Believing we needed more shooting clubs in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, I co-founded the Twin Cities Action Pistol Club, a highly sucessful IDPA member club for over 12 years now. I was its president for over five years and earned the 5 Gun Award from the international IDPA organization.


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 REJ Firearms Training and Robert E Jahn, LLC

We are pleased to be celbrating our second year of serving the Tucson area.  We brought decades of experience with accounting, tax filing and REJ Firearms Training expertise when we moved here from MN in 2016.